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Welcome to mathscolor here at Mathscolor we do not teach maths. We only like to play games in maths or rather with maths. Our theme is " Maths is a game, let's play together". 

We believe children should not learn mathematics, they should understand it. Being a teacher one should not complex the simple things and vice versa is true as well. 

Simple Teaching Approach Required

What you are looking for? 

  • A professional maths teacher - who will teach & probably show good results for the academic year.
  • A Creative Maths teacher - who loves maths & his passion to share his knowledge as such " child will remember it for a living and certainly not for an academic year".
Being a parent you are not much concerned about your children's gaming activities or social life. Why is it so?

The answer is very simple

  1. We enjoy what we like.
  2. We like friends, movies social sites and that is why we enjoy them.
  3. We don't like movies in a foreign language because we don't understand them and hence don't enjoy them.

Maths Demo For Different Grades

Kindly go through the below demos and experience the game of fun. Kids only understand what they like and if they like then certainly they will enjoy it as well.

Above are the demo videos for you to understand the difference between learning and playing maths.


Children or their parents, if a demo of certain classes is not available then assume they are in pipeline and will be updated soon on your favorite mathscolor site.

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