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Welcome to the Vedic maths tutorial, and today is a good news for those who are looking for the Vedic maths Dvd download. We have seen many e-stores who are charging much for the Vedic maths Dvd or they will provide links for Vedic maths Dvd free download. Don’t worry we will give you Dvd's free of cost. You don’t believe then pay just $99 to get your Vedic maths Dvd.

Well don’t worry we will give you two option, then you decide which one to go for? Let’s what are those options:
  • Free download quick maths
  • Paid download link for quick maths.

Vedic Maths Dvd - Contents

Before anything let’s see what we have for you in our package.

Basic Level

The Basic level is for students till 8th Grade of any Board. It will not only help you to get good marks but also gives you the confidence of your answered questions.
  • Fast addition of One, Two, Three digit long numbers.
  • Fast Subtraction of One, two, & three digit numbers.
  • Fast Multiplication of one, two & three digit numbers.
  • Finding the square of numbers till 20 in 5 Second.
  • Finding Square roots of numbers in 5 Second.
Advance Level

The Advance level is for those who are in 10th grade or later. If you are preparing for the entrance exam, gov. jobs or any other competitive exam that require maths.

  • Fast multiplication
  • Fast Addition of any digit number.
  • Fast Subtraction of any digit number.
  • Fast square of any digit number.
  • Fast square roots of any digit number.
  • Fast Cube of any digit number.
  • Fast Cube roots of any digit number.
  • Fast Algebra (addition, subtraction, Multiplication and division of polynomials) calculation
  • Fast word Problem solving.
  • Fast Trigonometry

Vedic Maths Dvd Download – Paid options

Yes, we will look for the paid option first. You probably will jump to the free option, but I will suggest you to look this option first. Let’s cut the long story short and check how you will get the link for the Vedic maths Dvd download.

If you want complete Vedic maths tutorial with Basic and Advance level then you can get it in two ways:
  • Physical Dvd's - You will get two Dvd's for basic and advanced level each @ $250.
  • Links for Vedic maths Dvd download – You will get the same the same products @ $99.
Payment Option

We accept payment via two ways:
  • Paypal
  • Bank Account transfer
If you want to surprise your friends or teachers then quick maths will give you that magical touch.

Vedic maths Dvd free download option

Now we will talk about the free option available for you by mathscolor.  Freebies by the organization is to attract people and you will be attracted towards it for sure. Now my questions to you are:

  • Why will the company give you things for free? Are you their relatives or having blood relations? – The answer is big no.
  • Will company survive after giving you things at free? – No they will not. Let’s say for example, how we will give you Dvd's free of cost though it is not free for us or anybody? 
But you will get Vedic maths Dvd free at mathscolor. Let’s see how?
  • Refer 3 people (Virtual Dvd's)  - If any three people referred by you will take our paid Vedic maths Dvd, then you will get it free of cost. Here, virtual means downloadable links.
  • Refer 5 people ( Physical Dvd's) – In case, people referred by you are looking for physical Dvd's then 5 paid people will buy you free physical Dvd's.
Note:  In the case of physical Dvd's , the posting and handling charges will be extra.

You must be wondering we said you will get Vedic maths Dvd free download option but why this paid or other options? Just answer me one question:
  • Are you paying anything for the free option? – No, you don’t  you have to just refer people and in case, they will buy then you are eligible for your free package.
If you still think the free option is not achievable by you then you can go for our paid option which is certainly having less price then other Vedic maths Dvd available in the market.

Note: If you will get the low quote then send us the screenshot and get $5 less than that quote.


We have just seen the ways of getting Vedic maths Dvd. If you want then get it free or just pay the $99 for the virtual Dvd's and $250 for the physical Dvd's. In case, you would like to see the quality of our video lecture then write to us at mathscolor[at]

If you have any query or suggestions then do write to us. We always welcome our readers input to improve their knowledge. You can show your thanks by liking us on the Facebook or tweet for us