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 Welcome to the games of the world of mathematics, we at mathscolor believe that " maths is a game, let's play it together".  We love maths because we enjoy mathematics and always love playing with the different topics of maths.

Multiplying the numbers is the easiest thing to do but still, have seen many times people committing mistakes even after knowing the process of multiplication.

Easy, Quick Way of Multiplication

Baccha party, check the below video and you will come to know the creative and fasted way of doing multiply. In fact, you will do error-free calculations from now onwards.

By using simple lines we will learn multiplication, this is one of the easiest games to play. You will enjoy that for sure.

Enjoyed the Game of Multiplication?

Hopefully, bacha party you guys have enjoyed the game of multiplication by using lines only. In fact, no need to use multiplication tables as well. Now we are sure you will vote for the theme " Maths is a game, let's play it together"?

We simply played and learned the quickest way of doing multiply and that too by using lines. Bachha party, just play this game of multiplication and share it with your friends as well. In case, you guys have any queries or doubts then simply write to us.

You can't use these methods in the examination but can use this to certain the surety of the marks. Do as suggested and it will give you an additional resource to cross-verify your answers in a very quick time.


This is just the beginning of the fastest, easiest multiplication method, will show you at least 5 more methods of the same in mathematics. Just see the maths world with us, you will simply love the way we see mathematics.

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