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In Mathematics, the LCM stands for Least Common Multiple or Least Common Divisor (LCD). LCM of two numbers is the lowest possible number that can be divisible by both numbers. It can be used in fractions, and add or subtract any two fractions whose denominators are different.

The Least Common Divisor (LCD) can be calculated by using the prime factorization Method or division method but here at mathscolor we will play with LCM by a different and easy method.

Lowest Common Multiple (LCM) - Concept & Quick Method

Bachaa party, the below video will clear the concept first and show you the ease of doing calculations faster. As you know that LCD can be calculated by different methods but the quickest one is below.

Hopefully, you enjoyed the above video and must have cleared the concept and learned the new way of finding the fast least common divisor. This is one way of calculating the LCD. We will show you many more ways of calculating LCM faster and easiest way. If you liked the video then kindly share it with your friends and vote for our theme " Maths is a game, Let's play it together ".

You may not use the quick way in examination directly but can use it to cross-check your answers quickly and may avoid losing marks because of silly mistakes.


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