Easy and Fast Division method by Dots || Divide without Division For Class 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


We have seen many children shivering when they hear about division, it doesn't matter whether it is a short or long division. In fact, we have seen many young lads find the division a boresome topic. But we will see how to divide without dividing the numbers.

We at mathscolor, want mathematics should be easily accessible for all, and it has to be in a fun and playable way.

Easy Division  By Dots

The Division is a must to learn a thing for all and due to some reason people find it difficult to understand, probably due to the concept is not clear or it was not reaching the way the teacher taught.

Please check the below video and confirm " maths is a game, let's play it together". After watching the video probably vote for our theme as well.

We know the division is the opposite operation of multiplication and we have just seen the easy way of dividing numbers. Kindly practice as advised in the video and contact us in case of difficulties.

You have seen the one way of dividing the numbers that too without dividing. I will show you more methods to grip and control the process of dividing into unique and several ways.


We believe that your visit to our site is the fruitful one and you will vote for the theme " Maths is a game, Let's play it together". You are requested to practice and share the ideas that will help us grow and reach more audiences.

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