About Us


What is the Idea?

We offer treatment to mathematics in a fun-to-learn manner, because we believe that "mathematics is a game, Let's play it together".


The site aims to cover the full Kindergarten to Year 12 curriculum. Everything will be in a fun or creative way.


We believe in the quality and the same can be found in our:

1) Demo Lectures
2) Online Lectures
3) Off line Lectures

Quality is not what we say but it is what you experience. Our innovative and creative approach will show the improvement in your child and hence in the results.

Also, many people view the site and tell us when they think of improvements. You are welcome to do the same.

Our Commitment

We at mathscolor like to learn new things and we will continue to grow over time. We will try our level best to provide easy & creative games for the relevant topics in terms of quality tuts.


If you like the site or would like to make comments or even contributions then contact us.

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