Total, Lateral Surface Area Of Cuboid || Easy Way to Learn Mensuration Formulas

 Welcome back bacha party, today we will see the different shades of the mathscolor. We will see how to learn formulas of Cuboid and that too without memorizing it. 

At mathscolor, we will not mug up anything that is for sure. Even with the mathematics formula, we will play the games. Today is the turn for the mensuration and we will play with the Total Surface Area & lateral surface area of the Cuboid.

Total, Lateral Surface Area Of Cuboid

A cuboid is a solid three-dimensional box that contains length, Breadth, and height. The lateral Surface area is the area of the four faces of the cuboid & the total surface area of the cuboid has six faces.

Bachaa party, don't worry below video will clear all your doubts because it is in a playable format. As we said, we will simply play with the maths and related topics, and below is an example of the same.

Bachaa party, did you enjoy it? Now what you say, will you vote for our theme? " Maths is a game, let's play it together". Now we are sure that you will not forget the below formulas.

Lateral Surface Area of Cuboid = 2h(l + b)

Total Surface Area of Cuboid = 2(lb + bh + lh)

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