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Maths puzzles are good brain teasers for students of any grade or class. Riddles are a way to improve numerical and analytical skills. It will enhance your vocabulary, concentration, and comprehension. Kids of any age will always prefer fun-loving educational environments. Teachers or schools are trying to provide them a way by using teaching aids, friendly teaching culture to improve the quality of education. 

 Easy mathematical brain teasers will improve the learning of the prankster and make them independent towards the diverse mathematics and their concepts. Youngsters will gain the confidence to taking future decisions by considering the various aspects of their careers. 

Challenging Mathematical Riddles For All  

Below are the riddles for all age groups of children. In fact, segregation has been done on the basis of the grades of the kids. Gradually they can move and explore the world of the tricky and challenging maths brain teasers

Maths puzzles are challenges that demand logic and computation in order to solve them. It can be in the form of a game or toy to test your ride of creativity. Of course, puzzles are difficult to comprehend or explain but exciting and interesting games to play.

 Class 3 

 Class 4 

 Class 5 

 Class 6 

 Class 7 

 Class 8 

 Class 9 

 Class 10 

 Class 11 

 Class 12

Need of Solving Mathematical Puzzles/ Riddles

Anyone may ask a simple question why do we need to study riddles in mathematics? The answer is very simple and easy:-

An interesting fact is " Puzzles keep your mind active & active mind can perform better and quickly".

The brain-teasing riddles will be seen as fun for the primary and secondary level of education but this develops a skill to apply our mind to daily life problems. At the higher secondary level, this skill will be used to compete in the era of the competitive world.

In short, children will enhance their thinking skills instead of just mugging up ability. It will boost the confidence of students of any level and they will not only prepare for school exams but also for real life:- 

  • Easily connect maths with the real world.
  • May use skills in problem-solving.
  • Improve the ability to think analytically.
  • May use maths in real-life circumstances.
  • Improve reasoning abilities.

Maths Puzzles with Answers

At mathscolor you will get brain teasers with answers. It will help you to understand the variety of riddles that involve analytical and logical skills correctly. Kindly check the above listing for the riddles with answers for the respective grades. In case, your kid is active enough to participate in higher grades then motivate them to do so.

puzzles will be on grade and it will include below points as well:

  • Geometry Puzzles
  • Missing number riddles with answer
  • Picture maths brain teasers
  • Mathematical brain teasers for adults.
  • Algebra riddles
  • Maths sudoku
  • Logical circle puzzles with answer
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Division
  • Multiplication
  • crosswords

Mathematical riddles will not be restricted to the mentioned topics. We are open to accepting suggestions and happy to implement creative ones.

Stay tuned with mathscolor for more interesting and learning videos that will make you explore more colors of maths. Kindly subscribe here and on youtube to get the latest updates and learn with fun with us at mathscolor.

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