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 Welcome back bacha party, as you know we play with maths and today is the turn of the Greatest Common Divisor(GCD) or Highest Common Factor(HCF). In simple terms,  the HCF of two numbers is the highest possible number that divides both the numbers completely. 

There are different ways to find the HCF of two or more numbers. We will see the easiest one which is other than the prime factorization method or division method. 

HCF Concept And Quick Method

The concept is very simple, the highest common factor of two or more numbers is the highest one(number) of the available common factors. 

In simple terms, the HCF of the two numbers is the largest possible number that divides both numbers. Confused? don't worry check the below video and all sorts of doubts will be cleared that is for sure.

Bachaa party, did you enjoy it? certainly yes, in the above video the concept part was there, and along with it, a simple and easy-to-understand method was there. Hopefully, you will support our theme " maths is a game, let's play it together".

Certainly, this method is for cross verification only but the clarity of concept and quick technique will let you cross-check your answers in seconds. It will help you to avoid silly mistakes and hence in scoring good marks as well.


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