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 In Addition, will be having fun while playing games for you guys at mathscolor. As we believe " Maths is a game, let's play it together". 

The Addition is simple to process but still, we tend to commit mistakes. We at mathscolor believe that addition should be simple, easy, quick, and error-free and kids should enjoy learning new and quick examples of additions by using dots in mathematics.

Below is one of the fast methods we use for additions, just enjoy watching the video, and later on will show you more addition methods that are easy to remember or rather easy to play.

Quick & Easy Method of Addition

If you are giving your first visit to our site/ channel then we want you to enjoy mathematics and make a mood to play games with us because we are nobody to teach you anything but yes we are somebody who knows how to play with mathematics and will let you enjoy the games of maths for sure.

Enjoyed The Fast Addition?

Hopefully, you have enjoyed the video that shows " How to add quickly and easily?" and certainly will agree and vote for them " Maths is a game, let's play it together".

Baccha party, simply play with this method of "a fun way of" addition, and do contact us if in case you guys will be stuck somewhere. 

Do as requested in the video to get the sound grip on the error-free method of addition. It will make sure that in exams you will cross-verify your answers in a short span of time.

You can't use these methods in the examination but can use this to certain the surety of the marks.


This is just the beginning of the fastest addition method, will show you at least 4 more methods of addition in mathematics. You guys will simply love the way we enjoy and see the maths.

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