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 Welcome to mathscolor and today we will see how to avoid silly mistakes to score well in exams. Will see how quickly one can cross-verify the multiplication in seconds. It is a must to know because multiplying the larger numbers is troublesome and if you lost then sometimes it doesn't help solve it again to check.

We at mathscolor believe " Maths is a game, Let's play it together " & we always try to provide the quality of education in terms of the playable games or tuts. 

Cross-check Multiplication in Seconds

Below is the video that will help you to understand the ease of doing error-free multiplication of any numbers. In this pre-Algebra tut, we want to show you the easy way of checking your answers to problems of multiply.

We will look at how we can use digit sums to check our multiplication answers.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed the concept and trust, it is not only restricted to multiplying the numbers only. We will share the concept which will be used in the other parts of the arithmetic.


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