Mathematics Home Tutors Near Me || Online Maths Tuition Upto 12th Grade

Looking for a maths tutors near you? You are at the right place, before confirming the tutor you should check a free maths demo. You will get many maths home tuition near you but the question is " Are they good enough?". 

Maths Home Tutor Near You

If you are looking for a maths tutor, what exactly you are looking for? Let me guess:

  • Qualified  Math Teacher
  • Experienced Mathematics Teachers
But Answer me one thing " School doesn't provide the above qualities?".

  • If yes then why are you searching for the best Mathematics tutor near you?
  • If no then your kids must be in the wrong school.
Actually, as a parent, you guys have created the wrong perception. This was clear from the above points. Now, answer me:

  • Do you ask your kids to watch cartoons, or movies or read comics or novels?
  • Do you force your child to play or enjoy games?
  • Do you force them to roam around with friends(more than a limited time)?

I am sure you guys will agree that children like to do the above things and that too without any tutor. They enjoy what they like and if you are looking for maths coaching near you then it is clear that your child is not enjoying maths because they do not like it.

We at mathscolor provide a fun-loving concept of mathematics and our theme is " Maths is a game, let's play together". 

Online/Offline Maths Tuition Demo

Parents, please go through the below demos of maths for different grades or classes. It will change two perceptions of yours.

  1. Online Lectures - kids will not learn.
  2. Maths is really a game.
Below is the demo for the respective classes, simply check these demo's to confirm what we say " Maths is a game, let's enjoy and play together".

Simple Addition 

9's Table by Fingers

LCM(Lowest Common Multiple) - Concept & solve in seconds

HCF (Highest Common Factor) - Easier than LCM

Division - Divide without Division

Exterior Angle Theorem - 3 easy and simple ways.

Algebraic Identities -         Why memorize?

Mensuration (Cuboid - TSA, LSA) -  Really fun to watch

Trigonometric Table -         By Fingers only

Mathematics Tutor For Your Child

Parents, if you are reading this section then you must have agreed on the points and seen the demo. Probably now you are clear about your search, take your time and show the demos to your children. 

We at mathscolor will assure you:

  • Quality Learning
  • Regular Assessment
  • Improvement in a child
Why we are different? This will be answered by you. Allow us to show the potential of your own child and we will part after 3 months, if in case either you or we are not satisfied with the performance.

Kindly subscribe to stay tuned with the mathscolor for any updates related to the maths. Please speak with us and let us reach your near or dear ones.

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